Welding Machines

Welding Machines

General   Presentation and Technical Specifications 
    With the patience of the Welding Mouth Opening (KAA) machine belonging to HIDELSAN, another domestic   There is no manufacturer.  
    Today, natural gas pipes   lines, water   pipe systems, petroleum   pipelines, petrochemical piping facilities, ports in the ship sector   and similar filling plants; Pipes and pipelines are used in all systems required for the transport of granular products and fluids. Welding is required to ensure that the pipes used in the systems are joined with the elbows. In order for these welds to be robust and long-lasting, it is necessary to open the welding mouths to the elbow parts of the pipes. 
    In the old type welding opening process, manual spiral stone motors are used and grinding method is used. The labor consumed by this method is high and the products are not homogeneous. 
    With the KAA machine   human labor force is reduced and a faster and homogenous welding mouth is obtained. With the improved KAA machine   pre-formed human errors, poor quality material production, high waste amount, high cost costs have been reduced to minimum values. 
    Innovative and original aspects of the KAA machine; 
 Steel equipment, 
 PLC control system, 
 Frequency control, 
 Processing speed adjustment control 
 Automatic control system  
    With standard dimensions, continuous production can be made at the desired angle and at the same quality. 
    When three mouths are made with a "Patent T" human labor force, each mouth is individually processed so that the processing time of 1-4 hours (according to material size) is reduced to 5-10 minutes by three times in one stroke with KAA machine. a 90% increase in production is seen in the homogenous welding opening process. 
    * The KAA machine can open the welding mouth to the connecting elements up to 2 "inch .... 24" inch size. 
      * The patented Elbow and Patent T fittings produced with KAA machine have standard mounting angle specifications. 

* Products manufactured with KAA machine are in homogenous plane, standard structure and the amount of waste is reduced to minimum values. 
* With KAA machine, 1 product is processed in average 5 minutes. 
* Compared to KAA machine and old welding methods, production rate is increased by 90%. 
* Thanks to the superior safety measures taken in the KAA machine, the possibility of job accidents is prevented in opening the welding mouth. 
* The KAA machine can handle a variety of materials, not just one type of material. 

 Areas of Activity: 
* Chemical and petro chemical industry facilities, oil derivative production facilities, ship construction and filling facilities, natural gas transmission and distribution lines, etc. are facilities .