Our services

Our services

Products & Services 
 Our Services in the Construction Industry; 
  Betopan Sandwich Panel Production Line 
 Our Services to Natural Gas and Petrochemical Facilities; 
Welding Mouth Opening Machine 
 Our Services to Automotive and White Goods Side Industry; 
Hydraulic Mold Exercise and Test Press 
Hydraulic Mold Maintenance and Overhaul Press 
Hydraulic Plastering and Deep Plastering Press 
Hydraulic Trimming and Deburring Press 
Type C Hydraulic Press 
 Our Services to the Manufacturers of Stationery and Leather Goods; 
Hydraulic Printing, Friction, Paint and Tablet Manufacturing Press 
Our Services to the Packaging Industry; 
Hydraulic Bale Press 
Our Services to Shipbuilding Industry; 
Hydraulic Metal Shape and Form Press (Box Press) 

Our Services to the Whole Sector of the Industry; 
Hydraulic Hose Tightening Damping and Expansion Press 
Hydraulic Cylinders 
Hydraulic Power Units 
Hydraulic Filtration and Flashing Units 
Bellows Collection Mounting Units 
Complementary Products 

Pneumatic Equipments 

Pneumatic Hoses
Pressure and Temperature Meters 
Sealing Elements 
Hydraulic Equipment 

Hydraulic Hoses
Hydraulic Pipe and Chrome Plated Miller