Since 1987, Hidelsan has been serving to many sectors of the Turkish Industry, mainly in automotive sub-industry, white goods sub-industry, which produces "Project-based general and special-purpose Hydraulic Machinery and Hydraulic Equipments" with metal processing and metal injection. Success is not with coincidences; HIDELSAN, which is aware of the possibilities of education, experience, innovation and AR-GE studies, has reached to the capacity to manufacture all kinds of Hydraulic & Pneumatic equipments needed by national and international market in the last years; "General and special purpose productions such as Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Unit, Hydraulic Cylinder, Welding Mouth Opening Machine, Pipe Bending Machine, Hydraulic Shear Lift, as well as Tübitak and Kosgeb support and" Betopan Sandwich Panel Production Line " has brought a great innovation to the prefabricated sector. In the following periods, design and production have also brought innovations to the industrial sector with project-based production belonging to Hidelsan. Hidelsan serves the Turkish industry with engineering, technical consultancy services and after-sales technical service services, as well as Hydraulic & Pneumatic spare parts and accessories dealers, both before and after manufacturing, as well as general and special purpose machines.