Hydraulic Mold Maintenance and Overhaul Presses

Hydraulic Mold Maintenance and Overhaul Presses

Technical Specifications: 

Operating pressure

Pn ; ................. 160 Bar Kg / cm2

Maximum Working Pressure             

Pmax ; ... 250 Bar Kg / cm2

Closing Press Force  (Tons)

10Ton .............. 40 Ton

Table Operation Stroke / Table Lift Cylinder Stroke

350 mm ... 600 mm / 350 mm ... 500 mm

Table Idle Down / Out Speed

V landing / out 10 ... 50 mm / sec

Table Printing Speed (Hydraulic closing,Reducer Mechanical On / Off

V bass 10 mm / s

Operation Mode

Manual Operation, Automatic   Operation ( PLC Control System)


Mold Cleaning System, Additional Maintenance Test System, Hydraulic Mold Locking Cylinder and Unit are added.

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 Areas of Activity: 

Mold manufacturers, automotive industry, automotive industry, consumer engaged in the production of spare parts for material supply industry manufacturers, sheet and makes the producton of their associated products spare parts aftermarket manufacturers, is made up of companies engaged in the production of kitchen products and appliances. 


LOCK CYLINDER: Mold Maintenance In conjunction with this innovation, which is structured in the die attach / fastening process in the press shop, time can be saved more efficiently by using the work force more efficiently.