Hydraulic Hose Tightening, Drowning and Expansion Presses

Hydraulic Hose Tightening, Drowning and Expansion Presses

Technical specifications : 

Tightening Force

10 Ton ............. 100 Ton

Ability to perform the pressing process of hose fittings  

0 ° -45 ° -90 °   and   16.3 '............. 2'  

Average Spin Speed  

6 Pieces / Minute

♦ Safe working with the safety system included in the press head and clamping molds, 
♦ For all hose diameters, each with 8 legs / 9 separate molds, 
♦ Electric control, which can be carried out from the control panel, 
♦ Crimp diameter setting and printing power setting, 
♦ Fine adjustment using electronic ruler and pressure sensor, 
♦ Automatic return after tightening, 

 Areas of Activity: 
It is made up of companies manufacturing in manufacturing industry, ship industry, construction industry, aviation sector, hydraulic and pneumatic system.

FLEKS hoses can be shrunk and widened in pipe joints of different diameters and wall thicknesses in head clamping and shaft-clutch manufacturing.