Betopan Sandvic Panel Production Line

Betopan Sandvic Panel Production Line

General Information and Technical Specifications
There is no equivalent of B.S.P Production Line. With the patience of this line belonging to HIDELSAN, B.S.P. Production Line was supported by TUBITAK and KOSGEB in the stages of project and manufacturing.
In our country, production of B.S.P. is done by using human power (hand procedure). The most important feature of the produced B.S.P Production Line is that it is a machine with a structure that can continuously and automatically produce B.S.P. In this production system, the work force is reduced by 75% compared to the existing systems.
With the B.S.P Production Line production, human-made production faults, non-standard production of poor quality materials, waste quantity and high cost costs have been reduced to the minimum values.
This system is realized automatically by means of the digital touch screen and PLC Control system on the "Control Panel", until the raw materials used in production are loaded into the system and they are sized according to the usage places in the construction.
Flexible production is realized thanks to PLC controlled control systems in B.S.P Production Line. By using the touch screen, the dimensions of the sandwich panels to be produced can be entered into the production program in advance and the machine can make its own production settings and prevent human errors. Suitable for use; Sandwich panes of different sizes and lengths are produced in different sizes. The B.S.P. It is standardized to the desired quality and standard dimensions and is made ready for direct shipment.
 B.S.P Production Line and B.S.P Panels we manufacture are manufactured automatically. Sandwich panel production speed is increasing, production capacity is increased by 90% compared to current production capacity. B.S.P Production line and long-term production are realized.
The production of the B.S.P panel in the old production system had to be expected for 24 hours. Thanks to the "Drying System" on the new B.S.P Production Line, the produced product is dried in a short time without waiting.
Today, B.S.P. is manufactured by manually applying adhesive (using a brush) and putting it on top of each of the interfaces of B.S.P material (Betopan, Styrofoam and Betopan) hand-held using "Human labor force". In this production system, it has been determined that different amounts of binders are put in each case and an average of 4 (four) people must be operated for production.
By "Automatic Bonding System" on B.S.P Production Line which we have developed, bonding process is performed by spraying the binder on the surface of each product in the same way. The new B.S.P Production Line is fully automatic production. 1 (one) person is enough to operate the whole Line.
B.S.P. "Betopan-strafor-betopan", which is stacked on the entrance platforms of the production line, is automatically taken (with the help of vacuum robots) and placed in the assembly line and the bonding and mounting process is finished by putting the binder on each of the interfaces respectively (previously adjusted in quantity) and putting it on top. is transferred to the second station with the conveyor (conveying system), the panel is dried in the printing press and dryer unit where it is dried.
a- If there is no cutting operation, the flat panel goes to the "Exit and Stacking Unit" without going to the cutting line.
b- If the cutting process (cutting of sections such as window, fan, etc.) is present, the panels are transferred to the "Sizing and Cutting Unit" on the line for sizing and cutting.
  The main reason why existing companies that produce B.S.P are faced with adversities such as waste of time, high amount of waste; is the cutting process on panel made by human labor force. Since the material to be cut is made of betopan, a serious amount of dust in the working area during the cutting process causes environmental pollution and presents hazards in terms of worker health and work safety.
     B.S.P The cutting line in the production line is made automatically in the cutting unit on the line and the heavy dust which may occur during the process is removed from the medium by the "Vacuum Dust Suction and Filter System" in the cutting unit. By providing a sterile working environment; is an environmentally friendly machine that protects employee health and work safety and prevents environmental pollution.
    The fracture and deformations observed during the transfer of betopan and styrofoam to the loading and manufacturing areas in the existing production line are not seen with the "Vacuum Transportation Robot System" in our new production line.
 B.S.P. Another purpose of using the Production Line is; production inventory cost to a minimum. In the existing B.S.P production systems, the adhesive material between the panes after bonding must be left to stand for 24 hours on average. This means that the producer This brings with it the necessity of adding extra cost to the manufacturer and the user firm, such as keeping the panels in stagnation, having large inventory space. B.S.P. The Production Line and Betopan panellas are ready to be used and shipped out of the tape due to the drying and pressing system on the line during manufacturing.
B.S.P Production Line; developing and creating its own technology; a new production that has emerged as a result of research and development in order to automatically produce insulated panel wall materials used in Prefabricated Building Production (office bureaus, villas, factory buildings, warehouses, farm buildings, guard houses, etc.), which has become a separate building technology within the construction sector the facility.

Technical specifications:

Machine Dimensions:   

Length: 1600 mm ( 16 meters ), Width: 6000 mm (6 meters ), Height: 4000 mm (4 meters )

Total Engine Power:   

40 KW   380 Volt AC - Trifaze

Production Dimensions:       

1250 x 2500 mm. / 1250 x 2800 mm. / 1250 x 3000 mm.

Produce amount:

250-300 pieces / 8 hours   - 24 hours    "It has the ability to work continuously."

Betopan Sandwich Panel Production Line Units  
one-   Feeding and Loading Unit, 
2- Panel Bonding, Assembling and Spraying Unit, 
3- Hot Air Blow Drying Oven and Press Press, 
4- Cutting and Sizing Unit, 
5- Conveyor and Transfer Unit, 
6- Static Robot, 
7- Electric Fence and Automatic Control Unit.

Betopan Sandwich Panel Production Line Units  
one-   Feeding and Loading Unit, 
2- Panel Bonding, Assembling and Spraying Unit, 
3- Hot Air Blow Drying Oven and Press Press, 
4- Cutting and Sizing Unit, 
5- Conveyor and Transfer Unit, 
6- Static Robot, 
7- Electric Fence and Automatic Control Unit. 

    Innovative Advantages and Advantages of the Betopan Sandwich Panel Production Line 
* Labor cost is low. 
* The worker does not have any mistakes (production is done by the units on the line, production is not dependent on human initiative ). 
*   Worker health and work safety are provided (bonding and cutting operations are carried out by the units on the line, with worker health and work safety being the top priority). 
* Environmental pollution is reduced to minimum values. (It is an environmentally friendly machine since there is a special storage system with fan suction filter on the production line and the cutting unit.) 
* Production is serial and continuous. 
* The idle time is reduced to a minimum. (Time loss is minimal since there is no waiting and pauses due to the simultaneous and independent operation of the units on the line.) 
* The production amount is high (It is possible to produce 250-300 usable panels in 8 hour production workshop.) (The production on the line is automatic and the drying unit is available. 
* The quality of the product will be high (because the bonding agent on the panel surface is determined by the manufacturer, the bonding quality of the product will be raised as it will be sprayed with the spraying nozzles in a homogeneous pulverizing manner)   product quality is also increasing.) 
* The amount of waste in production is minimum. (The possibility of fire and deformation that can occur in finished and semi finished products is minimum since transportation, bonding and cutting operations are not dependent on human initiative .) 
* The overall cost of production is low (there is no time loss since the whole process is carried out automatically on the line). 
* Guarantee duration is extended (Guarantee time is extended and customer satisfaction is ensured to the maximum level since betopan sandwich panels are produced in desired quality .) 
* The amount of product returned under guarantee is minimum (Production quality is increasing, reducing the amount of returned product to minimum)  

What are the legal obligations and standards in sandwich panel production ? 
There is no legal requirement or standard for this system since our fully automated Betopan Panel Sandwich Production Line, which we will carry out mass production within the scope of our project , is not produced yet in the world. However, there are some standards that must be met for the betopan sandwich panels to be produced using our production line . 

 DIN 4102 B1 Resistance to Flammability, 
 TSE 643-2 Production Standard, 
 TSE 825 Thermal Insulation Standard, 
 TSE EN 6345-2 Bending Strength Standard, 
 TSE EN 789 Pressure Resistance Standard, 
 TSE EB 634-1 Moisture Standard, 
 TSE EN 335-3 Standard of Wooden Hazards, 
 TSE EN 12664 Thermal Conductivity Standard, 
 DIN EN 13501-1 Fire Resistance Standard, 
 TSE EN 13986 Sound Absorption Standard.