Hydraulic Trimming and Deburring Presses

Hydraulic Trimming and Deburring Presses

Technical Specifications:

Table Dimensions       

3000 mm x 1200 mm

Miller Interpretation of Cutting and Squeezing Columns

800 mm

Press Spreader  

It considers the mold heights to be used

Pump Debacle  

24 ................ 200   Liters / Minutes

Electric Motor Power

5,5 Kw .......... 22,5 Kw - 1500 RPM

Operating pressure  

160 ............... 250 Bar Kg / cm²

Trimming Printing Force (Tonnage)

10 Tons .......... 60 Tons

Working Stroke

350 mm ....... 1000 mm  

Idle / Return Speed

25 mm ........ 100 mm

Cutting Trimming   Speed

10 mm ........... 50 mm

Cutting and Squeezing Material Diameter

600 mm

Machine Operation and Automation

Manual Operation and Automatic (PLC Control System)

   Ürün videosu için tıklayınız https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssz65RNqpWA
    Ürün videosu için tıklayınız https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJXN10T3USU

 Areas of Activity: Manufacturers of automotive industry, automotive subsidiary industry, white goods industry, aluminum injection presses and aluminum die-casting producers, companies manufacturing metal processing and metal injection parts. 

 In order to clean the burrs and internal parts of the multiple parts produced in aluminum injection presses and to separate the parts from each other, the saw is made of hydraulic trim press "cut" die. It is used for cutting mold sprues and trimming of burrs. 

 The trimming mold and cutting saws in the deburring unit are designed and manufactured to work with the most precise and smooth processing on the material. Depending on the demand, "Trim Press" can be designed and produced as a saw to cut only, or to trim only.